Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mugsy has picked a winner!

All names were entered and properly guarded against any tampering

C'mon already!! Pick someone.

shelly won! Send me your addy and we will get your goodies in the mail :)


Cammeron said...

Omgosh, those are the cutest pictures EVER!!! Congrats shelby :)

Ros said...

LOVE the last one! Bet you never say no to that face huh?

Amber said...

Congrats Shelby! Now if she gets the RAK, can I have Mugsy?!?! :)

StaciCal said...

Congrats Shelby!!

But mugsy you were suppose to pick me!! those are the cutest pics!!!

shelly b said...

WOW! So excited! Thanks, Martha! Can't wait to get some goodies and then pass on the love! I'll email you my addy. Thanks, again! SUH-WEET!