Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fine Print

So in the past couple of weeks 2 cool things have found their way into my mailbox...

They are both publications that have my work in them :) The first one is in Artful Blogging, there is a great write up on One Little Word that has my "Stop" LO in it

The second is Skin & Ink, a tattoo magazine that the fabulous Anam wrote an article for about tattooing and scrapbooking...I have these 2 LOs in the article....she worked so hard on this and deserves a huge "thank you!"

I went to Archiver's this morning and was surprised to find that one of my CHA faves, Cosmo Cricket's Get Happy line was already there!! Oh happy day....I cannot wait to play with this today!!

I also stopped into Micheals because I haven't been in ages and picked up this fun stuff to make a couple of necklaces with....*love* Mr. Owl :)

O.k., I am off to do some scrapping with my new goodies.....have a great rest of the week!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today is brought to you by the letter "F"

F is for fortunes...good ones like the ones Bob and I got when we went out for dinner the other night...

F is for new friends like Jen who send you sweet surprises in the mail :)

F is for funny fuzzy faces...this pic. of Aine and Mugsy from this weekend cracks me up

and last but certainly not least...F is for Fashionista!!!! It has been killing me to keep this one a secret the last few days but I have made it onto the design team for SIStv aka the bestest place on earth ever! You can watch a video of JJ announcing the new DT members here....such an honor to be part of this super talented group!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bad Blogger

So I am finally getting around to updating...this winter weather makes you l-a-z-y!! Yesterday Nancy and Aine came over for a puggy play was Aine's 2nd birthday so we had cake...

and the puggies begged for biscuits

The day isn't complete until a pug has been dressed up! Please ignore messy scrap-room!!

Mugsy is not amused :)

I am super duper excited that I am one of the guest designers for Red Velvet Kit Club next month.....*love* their kits so you must go check out the sneak for next month!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Stuff

The gallery is up at Label Tulip tonight so I have some new stuff to share...I *really* love this kit and it sold out in like record time....way to go Cindee :)

After sitting on the couch all day with fresh, clean pugs (thanks to the Petsmart groomers!) I am finally feeling human and I don't think I have coughed once today....yay! Good thing since our New York Dolls concert is this weekend and Iwant to be healthy for that!! The temps are supposed to be over freezing this weekend which will be great, I was not looking forward to trecking into the city with sub-zero's kinda' sad when 32 degrees sounds warm to you :)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Seriously, these past few days at CHA were just the best...I don't even know where to start! How about here...Kim and I were lucky enough to have our photos shot by the uber sweet and incredibly talented Becky Novacek! She asked Kim if she could shoot her and I was lucky enough to sit in as well...I don't feel as if I have ever had a good pic. of myself until now, I need to get over myself because I can't stop looking at them :)

Could Kim be any more gorgeous!

As if that wasn't enough the SIS dinner was a many passionate, creative gals in one room...such fun! Jeanette is just about the funniest person ever.

I am not going to bore everyone with a lot of the same pics of product since I am sure everyone has seen jst about everything by now...instead I will share some of the things I learned at CHA...

No one works a room like Tim Holtz, he has them eating out of his inky was fun getting to watch him effortlessly create one of his pieces.

Sarah likes to sniff wood stamp blocks

I WILL wallpaper every surface of my house with this Sassafras Lass paper!

I need a wire dress form after seeing how cute they were in the Pink Paislee & Jenni Bowlin displays

And last but not least....pugs...need I say more :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm back ya'll...

and unfortunately sick as a dog as my souvenir from California was some sort of killer flu bug. At least it didn't hit me until yesterday. CHA was just about the best time ever, hanging out with Sarah, Melissa and Kim was a hoot and I don't think we stopped laughing the whole time we were there. I have so much fun stuff to share as soon as I feel better...until them I will leave you with a pic of me with my long lost twin Jeanette from SIStv...who knew?!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CHA...we're here!!

Whew! Kim, Sarah, Melissa and I are exhausted after checking out aisle after ailse of new goodies today. First of all, I just have how nice it is to be in sunny Anaheim where it was in the 70's today vs. Chicago where it was only in the single digits. We had lunch outside and basked in the sun...I may never go home :) here are some quick pics from today:

Jenni Bowlin...yummy!

Elvis is in the building...

Kim with our make and take from Crafty Chica

Scissors......with skulls! at Fiskars

Pugs...they are everywhere!

We are starving so we are going to go grab something to eat and will then update Craft Critique with our Pick Of the Day and other fun stuff!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm off like a dirty shirt!

Yay! I leave for CHA at the crack of dawn so there is much activity going on around here today...there are half packed bags strewn about...

Upset puggies are checking my luggage to ensure I didn't pack any of their stuff...

I am meeting Sarah and Kim at O'Hare in the a.m. and then we leave for sunny CA...I checked the weather earlier and it is in the 70's there...sure beats the high of 9 they are predicting for here on Sunday! I am leaving my winter coat with Bob when he drops me off, I am so tired of being cold and looking at snow, I don't want to take any reminders with me. Be sure to check out our blogs and Craft Critique over the next few days for updates on all of the new yumminess :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Really...again with the snow?!

This is what it looked like in our back yard about 2 hours ago...again...aargh! It has turned from snow to a slushy, icy mix but the weather guy is predicting more snow overnight...not cool!

The good news is that the past couple of days have brought some fun mail to our house since the cards from the PugVillage Valentine card exchange have started to show much as I would have liked to make my cards I just don't have the time right now, I scrapped one and had prints made that I am attatching to kraft cards, I guess you could say they are hybrid anyway since I used a digital border for the pics...they are still turning out pretty cute :)

A Pixie LO with some of the new paper I bought the other day

O.k., I am off to finish dinner and then am going to snuggle up on the couch and completely absorb the Anthropologie catalog that came in the mail today.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snowing, scrapping & shopping...

Just a couple of pics of the puggies in the snow from yesterday...Pixie trying to look over the drifts of snow in the yard

She doesn't look too happy about it does she :)

I scrapped this pic yesterday of Mugsy with his cute frosty whiskers...he doesn't mind the snow as much, he just plows through, does his business, and then plows his way back to the house

When I sat down to scrap yesterday I realized yikes, I need paper! Luckily I had a shopping date lined up for last night with my friend Sarah and we were able to pop into Archivers and pick up some goodies...mmmmmmm....paper!!!!

We also went to the mall to pick up a couple of last minute things to get ready for CHA...I had never been to Steve & Barry's before and I was hoping to find some cute, cheap stuff from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line, but no such luck, I did pick up this cute hoodie with happy popcorn on it though :-) I love that everything in there was $8.95....socks $8.95, t-shirt $8.95 men's 3 piece suit $8.95.

As we were leaving the mall we passed a store that neither of us had heard of before that was full of bright colors and snowboards, I was like i'm not going to find anything here and was fidgeting with the clearance rack while Sarah was looking around and came accross this fabulous Bam-Pop is that little robot guy...*love*! Of course it came home with me :)

O.k., I am off to use some of my new paper...have a great weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Cape & Crown Are Stateside...

The cape & crown made their way to Kansas and are modeled this week by this handsome trio...

Freddy Jones...

Toby Jones...

and another non-pug Homer Jones

Freddy Jones was bored and decided to have some fun with the cape and crown...he wore it to breakfast...

When breakfast wasn't being served fast enough, he demanded that breakfast be delivered to the King immediately!

After breakfast he retired to his throne :)

He then toured the land in his carriage...

Mingling with his loyal subjects has made him sleepy so he retired to his royal pillow for a nap...