Monday, December 31, 2007

We had company today

Today our friends Nancy and her puggy Aine came over for a playdate and to do a little scrapping. Mugsy and Pixie were excited to have someone to run around the house with:

Pixie resting with Aine

Many treats were had

The best treat was the bruschetta Nancy made for us...yummy!!!

Nancy covered in pugs!

Evidence that scrapping did occur

Mugsy is now offically pooped!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sick Day

So if I have to be sick, I guess this is a good day to be down for the count since I didn't have to go into work and we are in the middle of another day of snow...ack, it just all melted away this week and now we get another 7 inches of the white stuff today. Mugsy and Pixie are none too thrilled with it...Pixie is hesitant to go outside

Mugsy shows her how it's done...

But quickly changes his mind :)


At least it's pretty to look at

Thursday, December 27, 2007

In a nutshell.....

A super quick re-cap of last week :)

It was cooooooooold!!!!

Wabbit tracks.....the world's biggest bunny moved into our yard and left his mark in the snow

When world's biggest bunny could not get through the fence....he ate his way through!

Pixie had a bad hair day

Mugsy was just happy to be inside where it was warm

We lost power one night

The elves left fabulous stockings on Christmas morning

Just one more day of retail craziness and I have a day off!! Tomorrow I am gutting, i.e. taking everything out and starting over, my scraproom so I can start the new year without being under a pile of paper! Hopefully I will be able to post pics of a clean room tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Cape & Crown crosses the border...

from Canada to Missouri this week and is modeled by the lovely Pugsley Ann...

and cutie-pie Milo

Sharing the cape & crown...

Mugsy's royal attire is now on it's way to Australia! More pics soon :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I have a gazillion new LOs to share...first off is the new Label Tulip kit which is just stunning!

One of our challenges this month was to lift the ultra-fabulous Candice Carpenter

A few with the December My Favorite Memories kit

This week has been great as every day we go to the mailbox there are more and more cards from the PugVillage card exchange to hang up, my one card-holder is overflowing so it's time to put up the second one!

Here are a couple of fun pics I found in some old crafting books that made me smile this elf and a!

Who's husband wouldn't want this handcrafted apron to do the yardwork in :)

Hope everyone has a great week and gets their Christmas shopping done!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yay... more Cape & Crown pics

Mugsy's cape & crown made it to Canada this week were they were modeled by Sherman:


Non-pug Slugger:

And last but certainly not least, non-pug, non-dog Fuzz....this one cracks me up :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In a word....


Pixie expressing her opinion of this icy, slushy mess...