Monday, April 28, 2008

Trend Setter

The new SIS collection Trend Setter arrived on my door-step a couple of days ago and today I got to play!

It was a good day to play inside because this is what it is doing outside believe it or's just not right!

Here are a couple of random things that make me happy despite the snow...the new Elsie recipe book I picked up at Scrap Etc.

Vintage goodies from my Mom...

And I know I am the last person in the free world to finally see Juno even though I have listened to the soundtrack about a gazillion times, but I bought it last week and finally had a chance to watch it good :)


Allie said...

WOOHOO for Juno! isn't it funny??

Love the purple and green together - fun pages!

snow? at the end of April? UGH. let's go on strike..

Viviane said...

Hey Martha!!
It was so nice to see you again!!
I love KL's collection!! And you rocked it!!

Melissa Blair said...

I'm so jealous of your vintage goodness! beautiful fun blog. I love it!

Vicky said...

Hi this is Vicky from Archiver's. I wanted to let you knowhtat i finally got a blog set up. I'd love you to take a look if you get a chance.
Love the new layouts,

Cricket said...

fabulous layouts Martha!

Juno...AWESOME!! Mandi and I have watched it probably 10 times since last week!!!


Whippet said...

Oh not snow...we were 88 degrees yesterday; Come on down:-)

You aren't the last person to see Juno...that would be me. I'm impatiently waiting for it to hit one of the movie channels we pay for or even PPV.

Great layouts!

Kim said...

found your blog from my friend everything about it! Love your layouts...vintage inspiration....EVERYTHING!

Nevis said...

Wow, Martha, you're a frikin genius with scrapbooking. I absolutly LOVE your style. I wish my pages looked like yours. You're my favorite scrapbooker out there, bar none. I totally have a crush on your style. Yikes!

shelly b said...

really great LO's!

Donna. said...

Love the new layouts! That trendsetter kit is so cool! You worked it well!

Can you believe tomorrow is MAY FIRST and we are expecting snow here?!?!?

Holly said...

You're not the last person to watch Juno...I just saw it last weekend myself. Loved, loved, loved it! And, your new LO's are fab (as always).

KhrisW said...

Your mo jo is in high gear, Martha! Wow! And you got Elsie's book before moi? What's up! Guess you have some serious connections! Love it. I've been waiting for that book to come out since CHA. Elsie rocks!

Love your work, woman. You're awesome.

Trish said...

just found your blog-love it:) I haven't seen Juno yet but keeping meaning to get it!