Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So I totally forgot to post a picture from the shopping trip I took last week at Windy City with fellow scrappers and pug-lovers Nan & Allie...I probably look a little dazed in this picture thanks to the crazy (i.e. scary) cab ride there!!

Oooooh, look what showed up in the mailbox today...thank you mail-lady!! Now tell me, is that not the most perfect paper ever, I could look at it all day long and never get tired of it :)

Speaking of shopping, the all new, super fabulous stocked full of cool stuff Boutique opens up for business on April 2nd over at SIS! Can you say new Hambly, Sassafras, Bam POP!, Thickers and other cool stuff. Grab you credit card or Paypal account and meet me there as I will be loading up!


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

20 minutes away from the opening of the Boutique!!

okay. Sassfrass has STICKERS!?!! ACK!

lol - okay I MUST get my contacts - I am looking bad in my glasses man!


Angie said...

Ohh love that stuff..
I'm soo not going to see that for a while yet??
Soo unfair!!!!

Melissa Norris said...

Omg! I picked up all the new Sassafrass on Sunday! I'm so in love. I just want to frame it and look at it forever, but hey, isn't that what I do with all of my paper. Because it sure isn't on any scrapbook pages!

Cricket said...

cute pic! Love all that Sassafrass!! Can't wait to shop the new boutique!!


kim brimhall said...

OHHH my!!! i can't take it! wear did you get that sassafrass so fast!! yikes im dying! so jealous!! hey let me know when u mail my package so i can look for it at the office. apartment living is drama with packages:)

i can't wait til june...sure you don't have business in texas?

miss you!

kim brimhall said...

sorry spelled "wear" wrong...i meant "where" lol

its the editor in me that has to reread:)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Sassafras. I was thinking of buying it and framing it...so I could look at it all day long:-)

Holly said...

I'm so excited to come to Chicago for CHA in July. Any good shopping tips while I'm there? I'm planning on staying an extra couple of days 'cuz my aunt & uncle that live in Lincoln are driving in to visit. I'd love any tips on cool indie stores or scrapbooking digs. We have not one cool store where I live...not one.