Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The pugs get more mail than I do!

So in the past few days, every time I go to the mailbox there is another fun package sitting there waiting for either Mugsy or Pixie :) It started with this uber cool t-shirt that was sent to Mugsy from Heather S. How cute is he in his skully shirt?!

Then he received this fun bandana from Theresa over at Pug Village You don't think my love of skulls is rubbing off on him do you..tee-hee

Even the new girl is getting mail, Pixie got this super cute puggy card (that I am so going to scrap with) from Jan and her sweet whippet Jocko from over at the
CK message boards

I guess I can't complain too much since the last package I received was my ultra fab new printer, copier, scanner from the Martha Stewart contest. I have to admit it has been sitting here a few days as I have been a little intimidated by it, but today's the day that I am going to break it in!


Kim said...

That is a dynamic prize package from Martha Stewart (plus the gift card for Michael's)! Woo hoo!!!

Can I forward some of my bills Mugsy's way?

Anonymous said...

I hope Miss Pixie enjoyed her mail. Mugsy looks happy to be a pirate. Let us know how you like that HP toy:-)

FlipFlop Mom said...

SUPER cute stuff... I can't wait til you tell us how that printer works.. I'm dying to know!!! Ü