Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One good RAK deserves another...

One of the things I love most about the scrapping community is how many cool & generous people you get to meet. I was the winner of Andrea's, aka scrapcrazed over at 2Peas, RAK the other day when she held a "felt and buttons challenge" as one of her POTD challenges...I was overwhelmed when I got her package yesterday and it was just bursting with not only every color of felt, but tons of buttons and other cute felt embellies!! I love fun mystery packages in the mail...thank you, thank you, thank you!

So now it comes time to pay it forward so I am going to send out a RAK of some of my favorite things (the pic. is just a sneak peak, other surprises await!) all packed up in this sweet little tattoo inspired tote....all you have to do is tell what one of your favorite things is...it can be a person, a movie a song...whatever, Mugsy and I will pick a random winner on Thursday morning...some of mine are pugs, anything with skulls, the color orange, robots, VWs, Harry Potter, scrapping and the movie Napoleon Dynamite...soooooooo what are yours :)


andie said...

oh strawberry whoppers?!!?!?! i bet they are yum!!!! My fav thing is Heather Baileys FreshCut Fabric

andie said...

oh strawberry whoppers?!!?!?! i bet they are yum!!!! My fav thing is Heather Baileys FreshCut Fabric

Amber said...

My favorite things.....

My dogs
Ice Cream
Anything with glitter!
Plates with dividers so my food won't run together
A long run on a sunny day

Margie said...

Why pugs of course! :-)

Cammeron said...

Eek! My absolute favorite thing on the planet is Guacamole (which I hear, avacados are on sale at walmart!!!) followed closely by my new camera, grey's anatomy, buttons, not wearing shoes and having my favorite song pop up on my ipod when it is on shuffle :)

Brenda said...

Brenda's favorite things are:

My pugs. :)
My grandsons
Lounging on our boat on a beautiful summer day
And, my new found favorite thing - scrapping!

gijonesgirl said...

Things I love... Forgiveness, My Family, VWs, Pugs, great books, Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream, Scrapping, card making, crafting, the sun, the ocean and Ohgrrs Originals :)

Sabra said...

My favorite things are ..

My pugs
My husband
rainy days
My Valentines Oh Grrrs that Kendie sent me!

Samantha said...

One of my favorite things is having my dad crack a joke and give me that sideways smile. It lights up the room and often makes me tear up. I cherish every single smile I get from my dad these days. In June and July, I thought I'd never see his wonderful smile again.

Allie said...

My favorite things are dark chocolate, my pugs, hearing the words "window seat, exit row" when I check in for a flight, and a hug from mom.

Amanda said...

My favorite things are:

Pug kisses
Fresh cupcakes with sprinkles
A crisp, sunny fall day
Mugsy :)

Linda said...

I have so many!

My 8 month old granddaughter's sloppy kisses
My 3 pugs' sloppy kisses
All my grandkids
Memories of my dad who just passed on Feb 12
All the sweet pugs who come through my rescue
I am one lucky lady!!

Myla said...

My favourite things are:
-My pug Oscar and papillon Tucker
-a nice long chat with a good friend
-my daily phone call to my mom.
-chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

Jessica said...

Favorite things:

My Christmas tree lights
My cat
My dog
My hubby (not necessarily in that order...hee hee)
Jelly Bellies

Brenda J. said...

My favorite things:

When Pugsy curls up in my arms to go to sleep at night

When my husband surprises me with a romantic gesture (they are few & far between, so I relish them! LOL)

Sleeping in with my pugs (something else that is few & far between)

When one of our rescue pugs finds the perfect home - like Mugsy! :)

Latisha said...

My favorite things are shopping and when my pug Clarice wakes up from a nap and has that cute sleepy face.

DeAnna said...

I would have to say some of my favorite things in no particular order are..

my pugs, chocolate, blue/red are my favorite colors, i love to read, and I love tattoos and want more.

Sandie said...

My husband
My son
Ice Cream
Bling for my pages
patterned paper
My dog
My two cats
Pugs.. definitely pugs. We're looking at buying ourselves one now. Whoohoo

Monica said...

some of my faves are::

mac lipgloss and eyeshadow
tall mocha fraps
brownies with nuts
greys anatomy
cupcakes with purple frosting and sprinkles
hearing the rain fall outside while i'm snug in my bed
spools of ribbon
the smell of my adhesive while i scrap
glittery paint
new york superfudge chunk
cadbury mini eggs--yay easter!

J & M Creations said...

Some of my favorite things:

the color green
Mexican food


Melissa (Zelissa from PV)

jess&herpugs said...

My most favorite thing in the whole world is...

Curling up on the couch with my family and the pugs...there will never be better moments...

Ros said...

haha i LOVE Napoleon Dynamite!
In Flames, my computer, my hubs, Table Mountain, the smell of the sea, my cat jack, snow on the ground, cute buttons... I could go on forever but I will leave you with those!


Stephanie Jedlicka said...

Holy heck I am DIGGING that bag! :)

My favs:
my little boy's laugh
the color orange, too!
my hubby

Juliana (Juliana1026 on PV) said...

My favorite things include:
-pugs (especially greying black ones)
-long-haired cats
-living in Chicago
-foreign films
-king crab legs
-home improvement shows
-the White Sox
-chocolate martinis

scrapcat said...

favorite food is definitely SUSHI
favorite drink : coke in a bottle
favorite snack in the wintertime: roasted chestnuts
favorite singer: sarah maclachlan
favorite person: sofi

em said...

My favorite things include:

Boxers (the canine variety...sorry they are the big cousin of the Pug I suppose)
Macaroni and Cheese
My red Hoodie...Hoody...?? (how does one spell that word??)
Anything and everything colorful :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, my name is Sue. My #1 fav thing is talking goo-goo, ga-ga talk with my 1st grandbaby, Shia. Close runner-ups are Ziggy's double curl tail (Mugsy, why doesn't Martha show yours?), Lindt chocolate,& finding a new subbacultcha lo on 2peas.

shelly b said...

John Stewart.
My dog.
My husband making me laugh.
Dancing while no one is watching.
Running on a cool, cloudy day.

Maria said...

these are a few of my favorite things...
...when the pugs kiss
...when the sun shines
...when I get to sleep late
and when I see my favorite color that's red, I simply don't feel so bad!

mackenzie bruckler said...

Grande green tea soy lattes ..Mmmmm....

Michelle B said...

My favorite things right now...my mom's sewing machine. It still smells like her. I love using it to remind me of her. :) And piles and piles of fabrics!

StaciCal said...

......frito honey twists!!!!!!

Kim said...

Some of my favorite things right now are... my crazy dog Sugar, my sweet sweet dog Baby, the colors orange and brown, owls, Bazzill Bling, and Fergalicious!

Michelle said...

I love, love, love....
dark chocolate raspberry lattes
first kisses
my lil cute skull tattoo
"I miss you". Incubus
and that feeling you get when you're at the top of a rollercoaster just about to go over the big drop..=)

RN4JCHRIST said...

Hi Martha! I'm a long time admirer of your work!! My favorites are: ~Caramel Macchiatos
~Bailey's Irish Cream
~Anything Caramel
~Nicholas Sparks books (esp. THE NOTEBOOK)
~Taking pics of my boys
~Queen & Co
THANKS for the opportunity for a RAK! Hugs, ~Dawn (rn4jchrist)

~BethAnn~ said...

Some of my favorite things...
My 4 dds
Making things
Reading a good book
Getting a good haircut
The color yellow
Fitting in my "skinny jeans"

furbabymom said...

one of my favorite things in life is something very, very simple:

Puppy Breath!!!!!!!!!!!! I just absolutely love it and wish our much loved furbabies could keep it forever....

Megan said...

I love:
~ getting unexpected packages in the mail (like the one I got yesterday from VW! a Rabbit ringer! To say thanks for buying the new Rabbit!)
~ receiving phone calls in the middle of the day from certain individuals *cough cough* with a tale that is sure to make me laugh. If I am lucky the tale will involve obsecenely short shorts on a man.
~the little wimpers and gurgles made by my little green demon as he nuzzles my neck. He always follows it up with a loud vivacious " I love you!" He is not very good with his timing.
~Watching a good movie.
~Watching a bad movie (aww you know the type)
~ All things cupcake! From apparel to the actual food.
~Shoes. The more the merrier!
~Lush! Nothing beats walking into your bathroom and being bombarded by good smells! Heaven I tell you.
~Caffeine * something has to fuel my manic behaviour!
~ Roller Derby! Yes I am crazy but it is fun.
~Critters. Whether they are cats or dogs or birds or marmots, I like them and they will most likely like me as well!
~ Pirates. But who does not like pirates?
I could go on and on but I will stop here and save us all! hehe

Heather F. said...

Oh, such a fun topic, Martha!!! My co-worker & I were quoting Napoleon Dynamite all afternoon! "Tina, eat your food!!!" Here are some of my faves:
Dominik, my pugs Gidget & Spanky, discovering new tunes, email from friends, Balthazar Getty (what a hottie!), Jack Black for his humor, pop culture trivia, doing impersonations (characters from Sling Blade & Squidbillies are among my faves) .... I could go on!

Kim said...

Just came across your blog...love it!

My fav things...
My dog Sara( not a pug but a very cute gsp)
My girlies
My morning coffee
My quiet time after my girls are asleep.
Grey's Anatomy and AI
Coffee Crisp's

tammy kay said...

yummy. Never had strawberry whoppers. My fav. things. My kids and when they are napping. Priceless

Danielle C said...

How Fun!
My most favorite thing is my dogs, Princess and Chewie(they are boxers).
My other favorites are Easter candy, Spring and Pilates

Melissa said...

Right now one of my favorite things are pink flamingoes! I want those black vans with the pink flamingoes on them! I sound pathetic dont I...oh well! I love evrything they stand for...sun, fun, beachy-goodness!