Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Gack! I feel so boring lately!! I guess I haven't been caught up on stuff & projects for a while so I don't know what to do with myself :) Pixie keeps looking at me like "get it together woman!"

I did a little cleaning, usually stuff is spewing out of these shelves...for once it is all contained

I went shopping for SISiversary stuff with Sarah and Nancy last weekend...I found a couple of things

On Memorial Day the parade went right past our house so we got to enjoy it from our front porch

There should be a new SIS kit in my mailbox tomorrow and I am sooooo looking forward to that!! Hopefully my next post won't be so boring!!


Leah said...

I love your cubed shelve unit. So wish I had a craft room, so I could do a whole wall like that!

Nevis said...

Is that an "Expedit" shelf from IKEA? I totally want one of those. Have you seen how the modified it on lifehacker? SOOO COOL!

Melissa Norris said...

I totally feel ya, I'm in a major slump right now.

I love the necklace from S&B, I've been wearing my blue one all the time, we didn't have pink :(

Oh and I'm totally going to make you something cute to add to your shelves, just you wait and see!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Martha!
i love your shelving unit too! and your puggy is adorable! i love the photos.
:) melissa and emmitt

kim brimhall said...

YOU are never boring:) ask britney your bestest:) lol....

i wish i felt caught up....those shelves are awesome though. im jealous! and that dear necklace ummmmm yeah perfect!

can't wait to see your "outfits" for sis...LOL maybe we can match:) sooooo kidding.

love, kb