Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Really...again with the snow?!

This is what it looked like in our back yard about 2 hours ago...again...aargh! It has turned from snow to a slushy, icy mix but the weather guy is predicting more snow overnight...not cool!

The good news is that the past couple of days have brought some fun mail to our house since the cards from the PugVillage Valentine card exchange have started to show up...as much as I would have liked to make my cards I just don't have the time right now, I scrapped one and had prints made that I am attatching to kraft cards, I guess you could say they are hybrid anyway since I used a digital border for the pics...they are still turning out pretty cute :)

A Pixie LO with some of the new paper I bought the other day

O.k., I am off to finish dinner and then am going to snuggle up on the couch and completely absorb the Anthropologie catalog that came in the mail today.


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

OMG LOVE THE CARD! And the LAYOUT!!!! How do they pose SO WELL? I ask YOU? Seriously they need to be models.

OHhhh Anth. catalog! *squee* If ONLY I could fit into the clothes...however... there is always a sewing machine! HEEE.

So far it is just slush here.... Talk to you soon! LOVE the pictures! heee.

kim brimhall said...

WHOA@@ love the card!!! love that you made it to the "NEXT round" love that you hate the snow as much as me!!

Holly said...

Awwww! I LOVE that card! So original! Enjoy the new Anthropologie catalog. Mine came a few days ago, and it was wonderful!

Ness said...

you're blog are very fabulous


jennihaywood said...

I get so giddy every time I look at your blog. I get so much inspiration from your layouts. I love all of the pictures of your adorable pug. Thanks for sharing all of your creativity. It makes me so happy! I know that sound kind of cheezy...but it is true. Hehehe!

miss morgan... said...

i lvoe your cards! and how much do you love the quote on the inside cover of the new anthro catalog!?

Chrissy Le said...

Rawkin layouts as usual! ;). And yep, it snowed again in our area too. PA weather sucks!LOL

Debee Campos said...

Your pug is the cutest!!!! Totally love how you scrap :)
And those cards are ADORABLE! sweet!
Have fun in the next round!!!
-Debee Campos

Tina J said...

I really love what you do - just looking at everything makes me happy! :-)

I´ve had a dog but she passed away in december. :-( She was a flatcoated retriever and super sweet, so I miss her lots...

However I also have two gorgeous cats and they are lovely too - animals are such great family members!

Cara said...

I LOVED that cataolog!
Anthropologie is way to pricey for this girl, but i LOVe to collage with their advertisements!