Thursday, December 27, 2007

In a nutshell.....

A super quick re-cap of last week :)

It was cooooooooold!!!!

Wabbit tracks.....the world's biggest bunny moved into our yard and left his mark in the snow

When world's biggest bunny could not get through the fence....he ate his way through!

Pixie had a bad hair day

Mugsy was just happy to be inside where it was warm

We lost power one night

The elves left fabulous stockings on Christmas morning

Just one more day of retail craziness and I have a day off!! Tomorrow I am gutting, i.e. taking everything out and starting over, my scraproom so I can start the new year without being under a pile of paper! Hopefully I will be able to post pics of a clean room tomorrow :)


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

I am doing some major reoganization too... *hugs*

Amber said...

Good luck with the reorganizing. It's on my to-do list too. Feel free to send any of your cast offs to me, LOL!! :)

hélène said...

Gorgeous pics as usual !
My little cousin (age 4) was here today while I was browsing your blog, and she said "oh, who do these cute lil pups belong to ?" lol !

miss morgan... said...

i used that robot paper this year too! i love it and never want to run out!

Anonymous said...

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Peg Graham said...

Hey....just wanted to let you know Yoda McLovin' pics are on my blog:

Enjoy the Holidays....or is Holidaze? hehehe

Pug Hugs-