Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pip Pip Hooray

Over at Pug Village there is a mascot named Pip who has been making the rounds from member to member....yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting Pip at our house :)

Pip arrives

hanging out with some Oh Grrrs!

rolling around in a pile of Thickers

Since I had to work yesterday, Pip got to go to Pier 1 with me

a zen moment


self portrait with Pip :)


Debbi said...

LOL. Totally LOVE it. He is so cute.

Magpie said...

Too funny!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

omg that is WAY TO FUNNY and my lord is PIP tiny!!!

Also can we say how cute you look in your black ensamble? VERY CHIC!

Definately suprised though that PIP isn't hanging with the Puggys! We need more picys of them! lol.

Still on for Dec 6? Let me know! HUGS!

Ann(i)e said...


Allie said...

YAY Pip made it to Martha's!!! Hope Mugsy & Pixie treat him like a treasured guest.

debbiec said...

omg. i totally laughed out loud when i saw the zen moment!

Heather aka "Mason Vixen" said...

Cute photos! Love the "Zen Moment" one. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

Bridget said...

So cute! We had a boxer named Pip when I was little. I always thought he was named after the Dickens character, but it turns out he was named after some drunk. Oh well.

LisaNRoxy said...

You are such ahoot!! I love Pip with Buddah! Hilarious! I went to Target - Roxy got some fun Christmas ware! Thanks for the cheese tips - I got some great shots.

melissa said...

i have been a lurker of your blog for quite some time, and i've got to give you huge kudos for your awesomely inspiring scrappage!! you always make me want to grab my bright crafty supplies and get to work :) thanks for the inspo..

Scrappermania said...


Vera Matson said...

I love your blog and your sense of humor! By the way, I must find out where you found that amazing skirt in your last pic. Too cute!