Friday, July 20, 2007

Holy Fiskars!

That was the exclamation that began day 1 of my CHA adventure. My friend
Sarah and I started off at the crack of dawn to bring back reports and reviews of all of the fab new goodies for her Craft Critque blog which will have CHA reports all week long. We are definitely going back tomorrow as it was waaaaay too much to take in in one day, we even forgot to eat all day we were so excited! I will be writing an article for Craft Critique this weekend, but in the mean time here are a few quick pics of some of my favorites

Drool, drool!

Martha Stewart owns me this Halloween


That's right...mushrooms!

And my fave. pic of the, Sarah and the fab-o Elsie :)

I am getting a couple of hours rest and then it's off to Barnes & Noble to pick up our copies of the new Harry Potter book and then more CHA in the, fun, fun!


Amber said...

Oohhhh great pics Martha!!!! Thanks for the report!!

Donna said...

Oh, I don't if I be able to sleep before I get to CHA tomorrow as I'm off to get my Harry Potter book and I so want to start reading!

**melissa lee** said...

Thanks for the pics!!! Looks like there will be lots of new awesome stuff coming out!

Allie said...

o0o0o great pics! Can't wait to see more. BTW..picked up a couple of goodies for you at the local stamp convention here. I couldn't resist - they screamed "Martha!!"

Cammeron said...

Omgosh, you look so cute in that picture with elsie :)