Friday, April 27, 2007

Hedgehog ~love~

How exciting to find my
Reprodepot order waiting for me when I got home tonight. How cute is this little hedgehog washcloth...too cute I say!

I can't wait to wrap up some orders so I can use this fab tape with duckies and yes...hedgehogs too :)

This fabric is going to make some very stylish totes! Love that blue & brown.

Speaking of totes, this is my latest creation, they are all spoken for and are going to some fabulous pug-loving homes :)


shelly b said...

I love that you find the most fun fabric and goods. Too cool

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhh honey you are soooooooooo talented.. I am JEALOUS!! and I LOVE LOVE THE TAPE... send me a piece.. LOL LOL!!!

Heather F. said...

Martha -- girl, quit linking us to all of these cool sites! Don't you know I want to order it all? Seriously, I can't wait to browse that site with the cute hedgehogs & awesome "squirrels & mushrooms" tape. BTW, that blue & brown fabric totally rocks. This is going to sound random, but it reminds me of the pillows on Christine's sofa (as in "New Adventures of Old Christine" -- which is sooooo my kind of sitcom). Have a super fun weekend!

Kim said...

How is that everytime I go to look through Repotdepot, I don't find these cool things you seem to come up with!?!?!?!?! Oh I find funky cool fabrics and such but just not the uber funky cook stuff you find!!!!